Read For Free!

Here are all the things you can currently read FOR FREE, HOORAY!

Nanoism! Two tweets here, oh my goodness. Nanoism is wonderful for people who like stories but also get distracted very easily. fiction

The Colored Lens! LEAVINGS AND REMAINS: This is pure Canadian Literature (affectionately known as CanLit), featuring such CanLit staples as familial secrets and lies, the harsh Northern climate, and very small schoolhouses. Also involves alt!futureCanada, Alzheimer’s, and the protected rights of zombies. fantasy

Cast of Wonders! GOLLY: A cheerfully-presented retelling of Goldilocks, though maybe not a version to read to children. The Cast of Wonders link will take you to the podcast version, or you can read it here. fantasy

The Sockdolager! MOTHER MADE A LOVELY FEAST!: The only thing worse than human acolytes working to bring about the return of Great Cthulhu? Faeries doing the same thing. bizarro fantasy

Theme of Absence x2! APARTMENTIA: Your little brother’s gone and rented himself a crappy apartment. You don’t want him there. Nobody wants you there, either. horror BONUS! Author Interview!

ANY DIRECT FLIGHT: Ever spend a flight next to someone you really didn’t want to be seated beside? Well, they love being seated next to youhorror

Electric Spec! THEATER AMORPHEUS: Becoming part of a horror movie doesn’t make you a bad person. It just reveals it. scifi/horror BONUS! Author Interview!

Silver Blade! EISIN, AN EASTWISE FOLKTALE: A lyrical retelling of a wintery folktale. fantasy

Apparition Lit! LONG DRY WASTE: Welcome to your FIRST FREE READ of cowboy werewolf Sterling Acton and his companion, the talking snake! Our hero with a head cold comes across an old man looking to trade rat removal for a meal, but of course neither of these things goes according to plan. fantasy/weird Western

Aether and Ichor! WITH A GRAIN OF SALT: A mercenary ‘rescues’ a helpless maiden. It does not go well for the mercenary. fantasy/horror

Curious Fictions! CRACKS: A swanmay lives undetected in a city by blending in with the trumpeter swans there… which might not be such a good thing after all. (Bonus horror: this story is based on true facts!) horror (Yes indeed, this is the selfsame CRACKS as appears on the Read For Monies? page, but it’s free on Curious Fictions!)

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