Read My Things?!

Although before you start clicking through and putting my things in your eyebrain, you should be aware that I mostly write horror stories. There’s fantasy, too, although it also tends towards the horrific. A lot of my stuff also involves fairy tales and/or cowboys. You might not find what you’re looking for, but you’re going to find something, I’ll say that.

I started writing when I was, I dunno, 11 or 12. Sometime in my early 20’s I joined forces with a couple of friends who also had writerly intentions and we started a highly informal writer’s group, which was useful in making me write more often and get in the habit of looking at writing more critically. A couple years after that I made a few more friends who had either been published or had their work put on stage and I learned that not only could I maybe write, I could maybe get paid for it too! Up until then I assumed there was some kind of witchcraft involved in actually getting in touch with editors and making them glance at my stories, but NOPE, it turns out there’s generally a Submissions button somewhere that takes all the scariness out of human contact.

So if you too one day aspire to writerliness, my advice to is grow a skin so thick you could drive a nail into it. My first published sale was in December 2010 and since then I have been rejected many a time. I’ve been accepted, too, but the rejections far outweigh the acceptances. I’ve been rejected from places that seemed a perfect fit. I’ve been accepted by places that stated they did not want the kind of story I was sending them. EVERYTHING IS MYSTERY.

If you have stories and want to find a home for them, myself, I use Duotrope, though they now charge a fee for their services. There’s also The (Submission) Grinder or Ralan’s site if you want to keep things free.


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