Read For Monies?

Here are all the things you have to pay to read! Some are available in print, some in PDF, some with Kindle or Kobo or whatever else. They tend to be quite inexpensive, so if you can pack your lunch instead of getting take-out for one day, then wouldn’t that be a nice change! Except for the restaurant. You monster.

Aofie’s Kiss! WOLVES: A short, sharp retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, with more werewolves than you can throw a stick at. In Issue 39. horror

Allegory x2! PUPPET PRINCESS: An original fairy tale, with princesses and monsters and bravery and belonging and not at all something to read as a bedtime story, oh my goodness no. In Volume 17/44. horror

AIN’T HUMAN: Cowboys and mermaids. Let me say that again: cowboys and mermaids. In Volume 24/51. horror

Andromeda Spaceways In-Flight Magazine x2! LONG HOT WAIT: Cowboys and zombies. Oh I’m sorry do you need more enticement? Cowboys and zombies and a talking snake. In Issue 59. fantasy

(true): A witch gets jealous of a rival witch’s success and seeks to destroy em. Problem is, the rival witch is a robot. How do you curse a machine? (spoilers the robot witch is the hero not the human witch.) In Issue 80. science fiction

Postscripts to Darkness 4! CRACKS: A swanmay lives undetected in a city by blending in with the trumpeter swans there… which might not be such a good thing after all. (Bonus horror: this story is based on true facts!) horror

Grace and Victory x2! KAUPOAI AND THE GILHAG: Did you get excited by the other cowboy stories? How about an alt!history Wild West story where our hero is a Maori cowboy who journeys to dreaded Europe to seek fame and fortune and instead finds mermaids and fairies? fantasy

BECOMING BEAST: A genderbent retelling of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ after the godmothers are dead. Direct link to the Payhip buy page here. fantasy

Mocha Memoirs Press! MOVEMENT: A sad, slow story about being unwanted and what we do to be needed. Also available on Kindle. horror

The Quilliad x2! TAKING: How do you tell your child they have to die, after they’ve just cheated death? In Issue 8, Halloween 2016. horror

OF, AND WITH: A Victorian Yuletide ghost story, just like the Victorians liked to share at Yuletide. Victorians were odd. A man is smitten with a severe young lady at a dinner party, but it seems there’s more than one reason for her to reject his advances. In Issue 11, Halloween 2019. ghost story

SO SHARP, SO SHARP: Another story in the godmothers-are-dead universe (see BECOMING BEAST). After an unusually beautiful queen passes away, her husband decides he can only remarry if his new wife is as beautiful as his last. However, the only person who fits the bill is his own daughter, who is not about to accept her fate. In Issue 11, Halloween 2019. fantasy/horror

Stupefying Stories! LONG COLD WISH: Another weird Western featuring the talking snake as he aids a ghost in getting revenge with the help of a cowboy who’s also not entirely human. Available on Kindle through Amazon here. fantasy/weird Western

Blood Bath Literary Zine! ENCLOSED IN CLOTHES: A poem nominally about werewolves and scapegoats, but let’s face it it’s really about the insidious perverse/pervasive nature of racism. poetry/horror

Bards and Sages Quarterly! WHEREFORE WOLF?: A mismatched warrior and mage pair are on their way to the capital to start their new jobs, BUT OH SHIT IT’S WEREWOLF TIME! fantasy

A Murder of Storytellers! MOVEMENT: yes, this is the same ‘Movement’ as previous, but joining a new cast of stories. Maybe like a sentence or two got edited? Maybe it’s the sentence or two that bugged you previously. Fixed now. Probably. Available herehorror

Augur! ROOTS AND SHOOTS: A robowitch creates a memory-enhancing box for a teenage girl about to learn the truth about her past, but magic always comes with a price. Magic and machinery combine in this experimental narrative. Click here to buy the full issue and read a sample of Roots and Shoots for free! fantasy/science fiction

Esskaye Books! OLD HOSS: Uprooting your life to help your husband look after his ailing father is tough enough without having to deal with the father’s ancient and probably malevolent hobby horse. Available through Kobo in various countrieshorror

Dark Moon Digest! LOVE FINDS A WAY: A giallo-esque body horror carnival romp! SEE the horned man, the Spider Lady, and a menagerie of bizarre animals! Once in a lifetime, not to be missed! horror comedy

Typehouse Literary Magazine! SIDE HUSTLE: A collaborative story by myself and my friend, the inestimable Victoria Feistner (but sold by her/them, such hustle!) This gig economy, am I right? Wacky what people gotta do to survive! Wow, maybe this story IS more literary than we planned it to be. In any case we sold a story that uses the word ‘poot’ multiple times to a literary magazine. horror comedy

Rowland Books! OPEN UP AND LET ME IN: A widow tries reconsolidation therapy after being haunted by the ghost of her wife. horror

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