Read For Free!

A list of places where you can read my things FOR FREE, what a world!

(Due to the ephemeral nature of the Internet and, indeed, publishing, sometimes links break and stories disappear. So it goes.)

Two microfictions on Nanoism!

Leavings and Remains (The Colored Lens, Winter 2013)! An alt!hist CanLit featuring zombies, Alzheimer’s, and of course familial secrets and lies. Because CanLit. fantasy/fabulism

Golly (Cast of Wonders, episode 93)! A playful, nasty little retelling of Goldilocks and the three… um… three somethings. flash/fantasy

Mother Made a Lovely Feast! (The Sockdolager)! For all those times you’ve thought the Cthulhu mythos and faeries would just go together well, here is that story. fantasy/horror

Apartmentia (Theme of Absence)! Your brother has moved into a new apartment. You do not care for this apartment. flash/horror

Any Direct Flight (Theme of Absence)! Hate being stuck on a plane next to some chatty weirdo? Well, they love youflash/horror

Theater Amorpheus (Electric Spec)! Try the new lucid dreaming pill… or is it a lucid NIGHTMARE pill ahaHAHaahhahh womp-womp (actually this story is kind of sad and depressing and deals with visible and invisible disabilities and hate perpetuating hate). science fiction/horror

Eisin, an Eastwise Folktale (Silver Blade)! A lyrical retold folktale. fantasy

Long Dry Waste (Apparition Lit, issue 2: Delusion)! Get you ready for some TALKING SNAKE AND WEREWOLF COWBOY SHENANIGANS WOOOOOOO also MISTAKEN IDENTITIES DUE TO A HEAD COLD WOOOOOOO. weird Western

When You Love Someone (Tales to Terrify, episode 494)! In this Germanic retelling of a Confucian morality tale, one family will go to gruesome lengths to protect their daughter. fantasy/horror

Trust! The Will of the Fashion Gods (The Lorelei Signal)! It’s the Emperor’s New Clothes, but as a heist and also extremely silly. WARNING: contains nudity. fantasy