It is my first ISBN and I am very proud of it! “Becoming Beast” (with Grace&Victory) is coming out October 2016. It’s a genderbent YA “Beauty and the Beast”, but after the fairy godmothers are all dead. I do need to think of a snappy catchphrase for that kind of setting. Post-fairytale? Anti-godmother? sigh.

In other exciting news, I’m also going to be in Volume 1 of Time Alone Press‘s LET US IN anthology of horror, also slated for October 2016! Basically, ghosts are the worst.

IF THAT WERE NOT ENOUGH, edits have gone through for another weird Western starring Sterling Acton and the talking snake at STUPEFYING STORIES. Not sure when that’s coming out, but oh man am I excited for it.

HOLD ONTO YOUR KNICKERS because ANOTHER (the FIRST!) Sterling Acton story has also been accepted by Empire & Great Jones Little Press for EMBERS: A JOURNAL OF LUMINOUS THINGS. Again, I’m not sure when it’ll be ready for release, but I will definitely be yelling about it when it happens.

There are many reasons I love autumn, and it’s nice to know autumn loves me back. Happy sweater weather, everyone!

(except those in the southern hemisphere. um. y’all are cool too.)

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