About a month back in the ol’ Twitterverse, Apparition Lit did a check-in with their previous authors to see what we were all up to. Well, sez’d I, I have a story about a robowitch coming out in April. Turns out, another author was working on her own story about a robot witch. HAVE I STARTED A TREND? Is my contribution to the literary world coining the term ‘robowitch’ and creating a genre based specifically around robots who are also witches? Who can say. But it tickled me immensely. And the brief discussion afterward about how wacky it was that two robowitches show up on the same day spurred me to sit down and write the first draft of yet another robowitch story in one day (okay, one day writing 500 words, took a day off, and then wrote the last 3000 the day after that. Three days is still not bad, I think).

So, feast your eyes and computation circuits on Augur Magazine’s ROOTS AND SHOOTS! You can read a sample of it for free, but trust me, you’ll want to buy the whole thing. (Also there’s a sestina called “Control, Alt, Delete” by S. Matthiesen Avilés in there and I do love me a sestina.)

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