Pandemic Brain Has Caught Up With Me

I hardly need to remind you that the COVID-19 pandemic is still well underway and I’m mildly surprised that it’s taken this long for my brain to fizzle out. As promised, this website is poorly maintained and sporadically updated at the best of times, and as these are Not Best Times, the simple keeping up with announcements is kinda shoddy.

That was not a well-parsed sentence, but we’re all doing the best we can right now.

In any case I think I’m able to announce by now that I’m going to be in AM Ink Publishing’s Unburied anthology, slated to come out in summer 2021. This is a very exciting one for me, as this story (“Open Up and Let Me In”) has been kicking around since 2014, racking up 30 submissions over 6 years, resulting in 28 rejections, two withdrawals, three short-listings resulting in rejections, two acceptances (one that amounted to nothing as the pub closed down before publication) and some VERY mixed reviews!

So it’s pretty darn great that it’s found a landing pad at last, especially since AM Ink is so… oh my gosh, so professional, they’re been a goddamn delight so far, laying out expectations and timelines and requirements, heck dang.

One of which being they need a bio written up by next week and I am terrible at writing lengthy bios so I’ve been putting it off and in fact am in the midst of doing it right now, as I’m writing up this post instead, so I am blaming this flibbertigibbet rambling on the pandemic instead of my deep distaste for writing bios that have any personal information about me whatsoever.

lol no actually I just hate writing informative bios.

Anyhoo buy yourself a copy of A Quiet Afternoon available via Grace&Victory, it’s really good and it’s been out for a month and a half already, oopsie.

And it looks like I need (“need”) to go do a grocery run with the bf so that bio’s gonna wait juuust a li’l longer.

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