Good News Keeps Dropping

Which is remarkable considering the death by a thousand cuts the rest of my life is going through, but at least in writerly news good things keep happening! (who also published “Long Hot Wait” way back in issue 59) is going to be publishing “(true),” another robowitch story with sassy robots, entitled white women, and side characters who do not care for your shit. Should be dropping at the end of September 2020, however long the rest of this oh-my-god-make-it-stop month is.

(Like seriously, I have some kind of cyst in my literal mouth that I’m waiting to get seen about, we had mouse issues in the apartment, and our fridge just broke down; one of the washing machines didn’t drain properly and our water’s been shut off for an indeterminate amount of time today. I don’t know who I pissed off. Oh and it’s a long weekend here, so anything that CAN be fixed is unlikely to actually GET fixed until next week at the earliest. My cyst (which resembles something like a tusk and something like a frog,) has, despite being a cyst in my literal actual mouth, somehow never cracked Top Priority status. It’s been there for three weeks and shit kept happening. MORE than mice and fridges shit.)

Anyway I think a lot about the ‘scream inside your heart’ meme these days.

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