Well Checka Checka Me Out

Just signed a contract for my story, “We Was Here,” with Welkin, a new magazine of fantastic literature. I hope that cover art is indeed going to be that spyglass dude on a mountain, because I do love me some classy black and white art. “We Was Here” is similar to “Love Finds a Way” in that they’re both kind of sexual but not in any way that encourages sex.

(The joke Derrick tells is one I heard from a Romanian friend many, many years ago and when I repeated it back to her recently she was HORRIFIED.)

“We Was Here” took 23 rejections (plus a withdrawal due to non-updates), so it does feel a very fitting title. We was here, and now we been seen.

OH ALSO Grace&Victory are open once again to quiet, cosy, NON-MURDERY speculative fiction submissions until December 31 2020. Full details in the link, but the pertinent details are: 500-5000 words, $0.01CAD/word (capped at $30 or 3000 words, so keep that in mind when you’re spinning your yarn), and DON’T DO A MURDER IN YOUR STORIES, GEEZ. Also don’t bring babies or the joy of motherhood into it, I simply do not give a shit (and as I am one of the slush goblins, my shits are worth something). We are looking for low stakes, reasonable resolutions, talking as a way of solving problems, and a sense of quiet satisfaction at the end of the story. It can be sad and give you feels, but seriously. Don’t do a murder. (Or be racist, sexist, ableist, sizeist, etc.) We would LOVE more science fiction.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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