Yes, Now You Can Read Everything

Everything is live and ready for your consumption: A Quiet Afternoon 2 is live on Payhip, Unburied is available at a variety of places, and now Issue 40 of The Colored Lens is ready for consumption here. (And bonus: Looks like my story ((starring an enby protagonist who uses limericks as magic spells)) is first on the docket, so you can even read it for free as the sample chapter!)

That is all the news I have, I am tapped dry. Besides still living in a pandemic, it’s just been a rough few months (I am personally okay, but the state of the world/my particular city is pretty shit) so it’s been difficult to get motivated to work on new projects. That being said, I’m currently picking away at another Sterling Acton (werewolf cowboy/reluctant hero) story involving a carnival, so. There’s that.


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