Oh Whoops Here’s Some More

Turns out Tales to Terrify had uploaded the audio for another of my stories last month and I am just… not good at noticing things! Shocking! Enjoy When You Love Someone as narrated by Dan Gurzynski, won’t you? Thank you.

Also I am spending part of today recipe testing (which my brain insists on referring to as ‘stress testing’) for a fun promo project for A Quiet Afternoon 2. Last week I attempted to make scaled-down anzac cookies because I had bought various strains of honey and wanted to see if the different flavours would come through in baking (answer: like maybe a tiny wee bit, but not enough to make a habit out of it) and did you know that 4 tablespoons do not a cup make? They were not so much ‘cookies’ as ‘grim mockeries of cookies’, but they did make decent granola. Today’s attempts will be carrot halwa and spice cake (also featuring carrots). Thoughts and prayers appreciated.

(Laura, why are you, the one who once famously greeted her boyfriend with a bowl of sad cookie batter and said “I CANNOT DEAL WITH THIS” and made him not only patch up the cookie batter but also bake the cookies because you had rejected cookie in all its forms by that point, the one who eagerly volunteered to lead the recipe charge? That is a Very Good Question!)

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